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    0B5 S tronic issues…

    This story becam since one year ago. I bought my first audi C7 4G with 3.0 tdi engine. Transmission OB5 DL501. This gearbox is DSG – direct shift gearbox.

    Lot of people has problem with this gearbox. This transmission is very susceptible for regular oil change each 60k. If you will change oil each 60k you can extend they service life.

    This transmission has two weak spots. First is valve body and second is dual clutch.

    When is something wrong in valve body is there risk of damage dual clutch. On my mind when you will have over 250k on your transmission, is time to total rebuilt or for new one.

    When you think that you purchase only OEM repair kit for valve body abou 500euro and do it, that you save money for new valve body so this option is only for now but in future you will have the same issues like before, yerks, hard shift from 2 to 1, sleeping clutch..

    There is only one way. But this was has three steps.

    Like first when you receive some error codes from you tranny is check oil level, when is everything fine, you can visit your dealer and update TCU on highest version of software, in lot of cases it improves shifting and solved issues with hard shifting /downshifting/. This is possible only when you tranny is free of error codes. When you will receive error codes is time to change valve body. I don´t know any company which make the full repair of valve body.

    The best way but very expensive is purchase new valve body from AUDI dealer. I think it is the best way, because you can purchase rebuilt kit wchich offer OEM – but this kit can offer to you only three solenoids – for K1 a K2 clutch and one for regulating oil temperature.

    I decided offer this rebuilt kit and do it myselft. But in this case is chance 50% that you solve issues with your tranny because this valve body consist from 10 solenoids. And you musst count that each one should be wrong.

    New valve body cost about 2800e from dealer. And some more sealings and nuts, new oil and two filters and after must flash software. Its is about 350e.

    And still you don´t changed dual clutch pack which cost about 900e.

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